Here's how you can turn your salespeople into high performers, hire the right salesperson every time, and increase sales for your business by at least 20% - without lifting a finger!

Are you tired of dealing with - 

  • The constant anxiety of not knowing how to increase revenue and margins even though you have you've tried everything.
  • Salespeople that talk a big game, but don't get results.
  • Sales results that are too unpredictable to make concrete plans for your future.

I’m curious, how frustrated are you when…

  • Your revenue is flat or it goes up and down like a yo-yo…
  • You don’t know what your sales reps are doing and why they’re not closing more deals…
  • Your sales efforts are so unpredictable that its impossible to plan for your future

Let me take care of your sales problems so you can focus on more important things.

The biggest problem I've found with my clients is they don't know where to start to improve their sales process. That is why my end to end services are designed to improve your sales process and fill in the gaps you may not be aware of. This service includes:

  • Recruitment services to help find the best sales people for your organization ( so you don't waste time hiring duds)
  • Coaching services to help new recruits (and your current team) work from a proven and repeatable sales process that will get their prospects saying "YES" more often.
  • KPI creation and monthly reporting so you always know where your salespeople stand and much progress they are making.

And much more!

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About Me

Why I’m the Best Choice to Help Grow Your Business

My name is Bill Snow, Founder and CEO of Effective Sales Progression, LLC. I’m a high performing Senior Sales Leader with extensive successful sales and team management experience. For over 20 years, I've developed high-performing sales teams that thrive in dozens of industries, and produce long term sustainable growth. I’m an expert in Best-In-Business Operations Practice, P&L Accountability, and I understand the vital synergy required between the sales team and other departments. By focusing on the unique needs of companies, and custom tailoring each program, I’m able to achieve consistent double-digit growth.

Here’s What My Grateful Clients Have to Say….


"Bill has had a major impact on my sales career. He really breaks the sales process down to a simple process that anyone can follow with each and every sales call. He really cares about the individual success of everyone that he works with and is always there when you need him. I have witnessed him turnaround a poor culture into a motivated team that has purpose."

Elaine Condos

Sales Representative at NASSCO INC


"Bill has been instrumental in the success of my sales career.. He is holistic in his approach to the team, realizing that sales people are not one size fits all. He crafts teams by assessing each person's strengths and weaknesses and leverages their unique abilities to drive results. This approach produced a team that is highly motivated and consistently crushing their goals."

Michael Bogner

Sales Executive at GE Healthcare


"Bill’s management style excelled in developing sales team structures in order to drive efficiency, accountability and results, while providing senior leadership with the sales metrics that counted. Furthermore, Bill developed sales team members at the individual level, leveraging the skills that would drive an individual’s success, while not losing focus on the areas that needed improvement."

Dan Rose

VP Sales & Marketing at D2 Ingredients


"Bill has a great process for identifying the right contacts, making contact, and executing a process that drives sales. Bill has a lot of great ideas on what works and what has the best Return on Investment. We are satisfied clients."

Kevin Linde

CEO cGMP Consulting Inc.


"I couldn’t say enough about working with Sales Progression LLC. In the short amount of time we worked together they helped to formulate a plan for networking and marketing. With that plan, we were able to create a more thoughtful introduction to our company. Along with the weekly meetings we had with Sales Progression LLC., Bill Snow was always available for our questions and ideas. Sales Progression LLC. puts their customer's thoughts into action and always made us a priority. I would 100% recommend Sales Progression LLC. if you want to learn more about yourself, your company, and your clients."

Cheryl Wellman

Integrity Manufacturing Chicago IL


As an Owner and Sr. Leader in an industrial construction company employing over 150 employees, Bill’s insight and helping with balance and accountability both in business, professionally, and personally has been extremely valuable as we have navigated the pandemic, business disruptions caused by the pandemic while meeting the needs of our stakeholders. I highly recommend Bill Snow!

Mark Schmid

McCormick Construction

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