How to Establish and Maintain Accountability

by | May 25, 2020

The word “accountability” often gives off negative connotations, especially when it has to do with sales and employees. The word is often associated with discipline and fear, but when approached correctly, it can be positive, producing the results you need. Within a sales team, accountability is important because it ensures consistent performance, and a superb culture in the company. A successful company needs accountability, and here are some ways you can establish and maintain that in the workplace.

Set Realistic Expectations

Accountability is impossible unless the salesperson knows and understands exactly what they have to do to be successful. If you set expectations too high, that can overwhelm your sales team, causing panic and uncertainty. If you set expectations not high enough, production will be low, and morale will suffer. To establish that perfect medium, you must establish something first, and then fill the gaps where results need to be better. When you set clear, realistic goals, your team will work hard to achieve them.

Make Rewards and Corrective Actions Clear

Achieving high sales numbers is tough, grinding work. Celebrating all successes is huge for the accountability of your sales team as it boosts morale. Celebrating, or rewarding successes often reminds your team that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and people are more inclined to work hard when they are enjoying the place they work. On the other end, you still need to take corrective actions if your sales reps are lacking activity and falling behind on their goals. The cost of sales reps not meeting their goals has a ripple effect across your entire organization.

Make it About the Issue

The fear of being the “hard-nosed boss” will always exist. With that being stated, when it’s time to address issues with the sales team, always make the focus about the issue itself, not the individual. Never call out an underperforming rep in a sales meeting. Schedule a meeting with the rep and set an agenda on what will be discussed and commit to corrective actions needed. Follow up with a letter summarizing your meeting.

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