Passionate About Helping Others Succeed

➡️ I transform under-performing sales teams by creating a proven and repeatable sales process. I inject individual accountability throughout the sales organization which results in long term sustainable growth. I also perform one-on-one accountability meetings for struggling salespeople.

➡️ I deliver meaningful assessments, strategy and tactical plans for companies and custom tailor each program to meet my clients needs to make your team more effective. I use a six-step process called Path to Guaranteed Growth.

➡️ I provide critical off-site services which include Sales Management, Accountability Coaching, and Assessment of your sales organization.

➡️ Small business owners who are frustrated with their sales process and whose reps are not meeting their goals. Also, owners who do not have enough time to dedicate to managing sales.

➡️ “My sales have been flat for the last few years because my salespeople have not been getting enough new work. Bill really did a nice job in coaching the reps how to get back to basics and create the sales activity needed to close new work. I was impressed on how he built non-threatening relationships with each rep that I have. The pipeline is in great shape and we are closing more business than we have in years.” – David Stone

“I purchased a business and hired Bill to reorganize and build a sales team. His ability to create a sense of urgency and instill a winning attitude among the staff was impressive. He hired the right people and really coached them. The sales were so good that the I got an offer within a year to sell that I could not turn down.” – Erik Jones

➡️ I am a high performing Senior Sales Leader with extensive successful sales and team management experience, who has delivered results for a broad range of clients.

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