• As a small business president or owner, are you frustrated with your sales process or disappointed with the sales team's performance bringing in new business?
  • Want to focus on growing your business instead of putting out fires and micromanaging your sales team?
  • Want to build a long-term, sustainable Sales Growth Machine?
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"Bill’s management style excelled in developing sales team structures in order to drive efficiency, accountability and results, while providing senior leadership with the sales metrics that counted. Furthermore, Bill developed sales team members at the individual level, leveraging the skills that would drive an individual’s success, while not losing focus on the areas that needed improvement."

Dan Rose

VP Sales & Marketing,

D2 Ingredients

"Bill has had a major impact on my sales career. He really breaks the sales process down to a simple process that anyone can follow with each and every sales call. He really cares about the individual success of everyone that he works with and is always there when you need him. I have witnessed him turnaround a poor culture into a motivated team that has purpose."

Elaine Condos

Sales Representative,

"Bill has been instrumental in the success of my sales career.. He is holistic in his approach to the team, realizing that sales people are not one size fits all. He crafts teams by assessing each person's strengths and weaknesses and leverages their unique abilities to drive results. This approach produced a team that is highly motivated and consistently crushing their goals."

Michael Bogner,
Sales Executive,
GE Healthcare