How Your Sales Team Should Network to Increase Sales

by | May 25, 2020

Networking is crucial in the world of sales. Having the right contacts can bring you great leads, which hopefully generate sales. Networking, believe it or not is an art, and for some its super easy, but for others it’s a struggle. Because they are two different skills, a particular salesperson can be fantastic at closing a deal, but they may struggle with networking, which is just as important. Here are three things your sales team can improve on to network better!

Be Human and Personable

An important thing to remember is networking’s not about the sale, but rather the relationship. People don’t like to talk to machines, especially when that machine is trying to sell them something. In the age of technology and social media, business relations are less human as ever, but that doesn’t mean personal touch isn’t important. In fact, personal touch, having great conversation, and following up by making contact in a timely matter are still the best ways of building business relationships. It’s important to tell your story while being approachable, honest and genuine. If its forced or generic, it’s just another sales pitch.

Create A Pitch and Brand

Create a memorable pitch that describes your business and engages the person you are networking with. DO NOT make it about selling your product/service, but rather make it about selling yourself. Reverting back to the first one, your brand should be all about who you are as a person and a professional, and your pitch is a huge aspect of your brand. If you are widely known as a personable, genuine person, and you do things such as follow up on conversations in a timely matter or send personal handwritten thank you notes (for example), that is your brand. Use social media to your advantage by creating interesting posts that engage people, or to showcase your personal brand.

Organize and Share

For every potential client or professional relationship, create time with them. Make sure the time you’re using is valuable to them by not being just another salesperson. Separate yourself from the pack by offering them assistance that will go a long way in helping them tremendously. Keep a calendar, schedule calls to your contacts and create a list of valid business reasons to call so you’re not wasting their time. Last but not least, make sure to share your contacts as sharing is vital in growing any network. A community/relationship only gives to you if you give back, and sharing is the lifeblood of networking.

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